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Myo-Ease™ - EMS Mini Muscle Stimulator and Massage

Myo-Ease™ - EMS Mini Muscle Stimulator and Massage

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MYO-EASE™ uses electronic pulses to mimic the electrical impulses sent from your brain through your central nervous system (CNS), engaging in deep muscular contractions without stressing your CNS. With these electrical pulses it's possible to receive a tailor-made massage therapy experience for pain relief without traditional medication, effortlessly enjoy muscle toning and definition at home without leaving for the gym; enjoy decreased muscle soreness after tough workouts; and get increased circulation all without expensive massage therapy appointments. 




Features:  4 Modes of massage to choose from8 Hrs of use after being charged for 0.5 hrs.Light weight/Portable.Multiple body site applicationsUses EMS technology.


How to Use:Place MYO-EASE device to desired body part.Press the Power button to turn device ON.Press the Program button for Mode selection.Press INC to increase and DEC to decrease intensity preference.

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