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Beer Bong Shotgunning Bottle Opener

Beer Bong Shotgunning Bottle Opener

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The Beer Bong Bottle Opener is everything you need to pour and open a beer like a pro. This convenient keychain tool fits perfectly in any pocket and is great for parties, wedding gifts, or kitchen utensils. It features a handy tool that drills clean holes into the side of the can without any serrated surfaces—making it much safer to use than ever before! Plus, the bottle opener helps you pop open beer bottles with ease. It's so portable that you can take it with you wherever you go! This incredible product helps you shotgun your favorite brews in no time, making it an unbeatable purchase for anyone who loves their beer.





Specifications:  Total length 7.5cm Width 1.6cmHeight 2.4cmThickness: 2-4mm thick

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